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PumpNaujienos - kriptovaliutų naujienos Bitcoin variantas The new project aims to analyze the generality kaip atsiimti kriptovaliutą from the principles of conceptual art as well as explore the concept of art as a commodity.

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Art Valuea multi-year art project, seeking to reestablish how art is created and crypto art nft, has launched a blockchain-based online marketplace, selling Non-Fungible Token NFT art. The project combines digital art with physical experience to explore values of numbers, as artworks depict their exact monetary value.

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The project is based around the distinctive idea—numbers as art—as it explores the art and economic factors in the realms of artistic creation. Blockchain technology is used to secure the market as well as generate unique artworks. The idea is supported by akr prekybos strategijos team of experts, seeking to democratize the art world using blockchain.

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Art Value is one of the first crypto art projects in the world using NFTs. Bitcoin variantas sistemos administratorius The first number tokens of the project have already been minted—a process of turning a digital file into a crypto asset—and are available for purchase in the Art Value NFT marketplace. Its latest initiative focuses on selling NFT art via a blockchain-based online marketplace.

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Led by the artist Das Vegas, Art Value is one of the first crypto art projects in the world, seeking to set new standards regarding art creation and production. Galbūt jus domina.

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